How to create online backups

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File level vs. File level Image level

Maybe we have a full backup system made by making copies of disk images via snapshot system.

Let's not forget that a snapshot generally allows the entire machine to be restored.

So if you were to proceed to recover only one file contained in the copy, you will be forced to more complex operations or to make the customer/user digest that they have to jump in back in time at the time of recovery.

We'll need to provide something that will provide a more granular backup level, namely a file level backup.

Online backup: what you need

As already mentioned, we will talk about Borg Backup.

To get started you need a host accessible with ssh. We will use it as an archive for our repositories. You can find them anywhere, but since we started with the desire to create an online system, we will look online among the many available: OVH, …

Hetzner, Who, 4,

For hetzner there is also a community tutorial on the net:

Also for Hetzner, reading the documentation on their website, we see that Borg is one of the solutions used to offer backups:


OVH does not offer specific systems for Borg, but given the requirement we require, it will be enough to have a linux server with ssh access and the appropriate amount of storage.

OVH allows a wealth of services, cost effective, and you can choose at will between servers dedicated to storage or Iaas (Public cloud) services to add storage at will. Example take a sandbox instance and add the storage to be paid per kilo. I put all the links so that you can proceed to determine your ideal configuration.


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