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Fatta durante la annuale celebrazione di Sant’Antonio Abate a Vascigliano di Stroncone.
Pioveva e c’era molto vento.20130127-211855.jpg

Shot done during annual celebration of Sant’Antonio Abate. Location is Italy at Vascigliano, Stroncone in Terni.
Rainy and very windy.

Accessori cokinCokin accessoriesAccessori cokin

Oggi mi sono arrivati alcuni accessori fotografici. Il porta filtri (holder) per lastre cokin, 2 anelli adattatori e due lastre. Li ho presi su ebay da riccionero.

Considerato che ho ordinato di Domenica e praticamente a ferragosto, ha fatto un record.Today I got some photographic accessories. The filter holder (holder) for cokin plates, 2 adapter rings and two plates. I got them on ebay from Riccionero.

Since I ordered on Sunday and practically in mid-August, he made a record.

Stacking di foto macroMacro photo Stacking

Oggi mi sono cimentato nello stacking di foto e nella successiva post produzione.

Ditemi un pò che ve ne pare. Le prime 2 immagini, i gerani e la level-11,  sono state riprese pensando di fare poi stacking.

Quindi ho fatto:

Today I have tried in the stacking of photos and subsequent post-production.

Tell me a little bit what do you think. The first two images, the geraniums and the level-11, were taken to thinking then stacking.

So I did:

  • between the 5 and 7 shots,
  • manual focus with live view and your finger ready on the zoom to focus exactly where you want
  • plane of focus gradually farther on each shot
  • camera (my Nikon D5000) mounted on a tripod
  • macro lens … well, do not I have, so I used my 35/1.8 AF-S with two close-up lenses X3 and X2
  • Shooting with wireless remote control
  • exposure postponed (raises the mirror a second before and avoids micro moved)

Then I reassembled everything in post production. I refrained from altering the image, trying as much as possible not to introduce artificiality. So only intervention was to align the shots and then automatically blend that selects the parts in focus.

(Thanks Alberto Lanzillotti)

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