Basic git guide

Git guide to start using downloaded projects

This guide git basic answer to a question: and now how do I distribute the work on production servers?

git clone https://github.com/fventurini/pbx-pannello.git

Thats it the project was deployed, just have to say it was ‘ cloned ‘. So my next target is keep up 2 date the project. How do I?

git remote update
git pull--all

It’s all.

Asana project management

Asana tools project management Kit

Asana project management, https://asana.com/, teamwork tool for managing projects and tasks, has a lot of hacks and tools available to meet some lacks. Exposes an API that allows to work in json to records that manages.
Everything is focused on a key: the API KEY (http://app.asana.com/-/account_api)
The security is managed in a jiffy. The API Key is not saved if not in your browser. Then the application does not expose anything that isn’t personal and known to whoever injects code.

We come to special equipment.
Missing the time tracking … http://codelovers.github.io/asana-time-track/exposes a mini site that reads from various workspace, task to be performed. Here you can manage Estimated Tiem and Worked Time either manually or with an automatic timer.

You cannot move projects and tasks to other workspace http://asana.kothar.net/

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