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logrotate mysql dump

Technique logrotate mysql dump

I chose to use logrotate to execute a copy with rotation and auto purge “of database dumps over which files they need my sites.

In this example I run up to a mysql with mysqldump daily, and cherish the previous 8 with this method.

Let’s see how:

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Joomla site backup and restore

  • Create Backup files
  • Create a Backup of the Database
  • Restore Backup files
  • Restore the Database Backup

It is pretty simple. Let us move on to the details of each step.

  • Create backup file
  • Create db backup
  • Restore file backup
  • Restore database backup

This is so pretty simple. Let the individual details of each step.

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Restore single mysql DB

Restore individual mysql db

It is necessary to be very careful when you go to restore individual mysql DB. databases in mysql.

I present a case: you have a db on your personal development, or on your local network and you want to reproduce the production environment that you have online.

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Tape backups on linux


I found this simple article that summarizes in a few brief instructions the minimum to govern a tape drive.

The world believes it to be outdated, to me they seem however still irreplaceable. A 400GB tape drive is always a good solution to the problems of second-level backup.

Since there are now sites, tomorrow no, report some of the most important notes without many explanations:


Device name: Will have “s” in the name because it’s scsi


= non-rewindable tape scsi


= rewindable

x = number We want/dev/st0, the first scsi rewindable tape device.

To check drive status:

Mt-f/dev/st0 status
Mt-f/dev/st0 rewind
Mt-f/dev/st0 erase
Mt-f/dev/st0 rewind
Mt-f/dev/st0 lock #prevent hitting eject before it finished
Mt-f/dev/st0 unlock
Mt-f/dev/st0 eject

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